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Bloom Farms



Let us show you a taste of true California, where wild nature meets groundbreaking innovation and access to clean, safe yet authentic cannabis is a way of life.

A few years ago, Bloom Farms was just the dream of some family farmers looking to grow cannabis.

Today, we are proud to have earned our place among community-minded thought leaders and valued industry ambassadors.

Bloom Farms launched in 2014 with a mission to offer the highest-quality cannabis products and promote responsible use as part of a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

Along the way, we have endeavored to consider our place in the community and weave our six core values into everything we do—committing to stellar customer service, a high degree of transparency and partnership with responsible California farmers who share our views on sustainable agriculture and the environment.

For every product sold, we donate a meal to someone in need. Every day, this collective effort of loyal customers, food bank partners and Bloom Farmers adds healthy meals to tables in California and beyond.

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