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Being able to relax and unwind before bed helps to prepare your body for sleep. Many people who have trouble falling asleep enjoy a cup of tea before they start their bedtime routine. If you’re looking to add a little something extra to help, why not try some cannabis cookies? These infused edibles pair well with tea and contain a dose of cannabis that can help make falling asleep easier.

How Cannabis Cookies Work

Cannabis cookies are, as the name suggests, cookies infused with a dose of cannabis. They’re what are known as edibles, a cannabis product that you eat. When you ingest them, the cannabinoids travel through your digestive system and get processed by your liver before they enter your bloodstream to provide pain relief, anxiety reduction, and more. Depending on the strain, they can even help to make it easier to sleep.

What would cookies be without something to drink with them? Tea is already a classic pre-bedtime beverage. Some blends can even help to promote relaxation and sleepiness themselves. Believe it or not, you can also find cannabis tea. Keep in mind that if you plan on pairing infused cookies with infused tea, you should pay attention to dosages to avoid overdoing it before you crawl into bed.

Can You Make Them Yourself?

You’ll find all manner of infused cookies on dispensary shelves. You may also find infused tea blends. If you enjoy baking, though, you might consider trying your hand at baking homemade cannabis cookies. After all, what’s better than a warm cookie fresh out of the oven?

To make cannabis cookies, you first need to make cannabutter, a cannabis-infused butter. You’ll need to decarboxylate your preferred strain in the oven and then let it simmer in melted butter before straining the mixture and refrigerating it. Once solid, you can use it as you would regular butter. Substitute the butter in your favorite recipe for an equal amount of infused butter. Accurate dosing may be more of a challenge, but there are ways to calculate how much THC each cookie has.

canna butter

Tips for Success

When it comes to cannabis cookies and tea, here are a few tips for success:

  • Start low and gradually increase your dose, especially if you’re new to edibles
  • Edibles take between 90 to 120 minutes to kick in, so you’ll want to time your bedtime snack accordingly
  • Avoid taking a second dose before two hours to avoid too much THC in your system when you crawl under the covers
  • If you plan to eat infused cookies and drink cannabis tea, pay attention to the dosages of each to avoid getting too much

Relax and Fall Asleep More Easily with Cannabis Cookies and Tea

Tea is an excellent beverage for relaxing, and a cup in the evening can help you to unwind and fall asleep more easily. Adding some cookies to the mix only makes the snack more enjoyable, especially when you’re eating cannabis-infused cookies. The combination of cannabis cookies and tea can help you end your night on a much better note. Just remember, as, with other edibles, the cookies will take a little longer to kick in. Time your snack just right, and falling asleep at bedtime will be much more successful.